We describe what we do as “bespoke”, but what does that mean?

Good recruitment takes time. At Office Jobs, we invest that time from the beginning of the process as we develop a recruitment partnership with our clients. Whether our customers are looking for us to fill temporary or permanent roles, we find out as much as we can about the job in question as well as information about the culture and values of our client organisations.

By establishing timeframes for the recruitment process and adhering to them, our clients know what to expect from us and we deliver time and again. We use our knowledge of the candidate market to advise clients, and where necessary offer guidance to ensure our clients remain competitive within their sector.  With our longstanding clients, we become almost an extension of their own HR department.

As part of a privately owned company that has thrived for over 30 years in the cauldron of the London recruitment world, our experience is all but unrivalled, our integrity unquestioned and our enthusiasm undimmed.

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What people say about Extraman

Office & Administration Candidate
"I was so pleasantly surprised by the service and support I received from Office Jobs. I didn't know that agencies if their calibre existed anymore. Instead of shoving me into any old job, they listened to what I had to say, helped me further identify skills and strengths that tied into roles I was going for. They shared their expertise in helping ...
Office & Administration Candidate
Extraman Temp
"I enjoy working with Extraman the best temp agency in London so far for me. Friendly and helpful team, easy and quick contact." (Michael)
Extraman Temp